District Administration



 PHONE 250 283-2241


Ext. 225

Superintendent of Schools / Secretary Treasurer


Lawrence Tarasoff

ltarasoff [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca

Ext. 224

Associate Director of Human Resources   


Annie McDowell 

amcdowell [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca

Ext. 233

District Principal

Student Learning and Staff Development


Stephen Larre

slarre [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca

Ext 230 

District Principal

Human Resources, Operations & Technology 


Dean Johnson 

djohnson [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca 

Ext. 228

Computer Technician 1


Jason Hsia

jhsia [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca

Ext. 222

Payroll & Human Resources Administrative Assistant


Bonnie Loranger

blorangerlunger [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca (@viw.sd84.bc.ca)

Ext. 231

District Administrative Assistant


Lynne Unger

lunger [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca

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Phone: 250-283-2241
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