Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides professional, confidential assistance to you, your spouse and your children. Whether large or small, complex or simple, Shelpell-fgi's EFAP program helps you manage work and life issues with complete confidentiality.

Access the EFAP program here.

The EFAP program can help you:

Achieve Well-Being

* Stress * Depression * Anxiety * Anger * Crisis situations * Life transitions

Manage Relationships and Family

* Separation and divorce * Elder care * Relationship conflict * Parenting * Blended family issues

Find Child and Elder Care Resources

* Maternity and parental leave * Adoption * Child care services * Schooling * Adult day programs * Nursing and retirement homes

Get Legal Advice

* Separation and divorce * Civil litigation * Custody and child support * Wills and estate planning

Get Financial Guidance

* Credit and debt management * Budgeting * Bankruptcy * Financial emergencies * Changing circumstances

Deal with Workplace Challenges

* Work-life balance * Conflict * Career planning * Bullying and harassment

Tackle Addictions

* Alcohol * Tobacco * Drugs * Gambling * Other addictions * Post-recovery support

Improve Nutrition

* Weight management * Boost energy and resilience * High cholesterol * High blood pressure * Diabetes * Heart disease

Focus on Your Health

* Identify conditions * Prevent illness * Manage symptoms * Discover natural healing strategies * Create an action plan for better health



The EFAP program is available to all regular employees in School District 84. This is an optional benefit that costs the employee $4.33 per month (costs are matched by the employer).



To enroll in the program, complete this form and return it to
Lynne Unger - lunger [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca or 250-283-2241 ext. 222 at the School Board Office.

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